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Everything You Need to Know About Playing Roulette Online in 2022 

Roulette is an all-time casino classic, thanks to its simple gameplay and big potential payouts. If you’re ready to play roulette online, we’re here to show you the ropes.

Play Roulette Online: The Rules of Game

There’s a reason why roulette remains a popular fan-favorite on trusted online casinos: part of the beauty of roulette lies in its relative simplicity. On the surface, all you need to do is place your wager and spin the wheel, hoping that the little ball lands in your favor. Of course, there is more to it and so, before you spin the roulette wheel online, make sure to memorize these important rules of play

The aim of the game

When you play roulette, whether it’s an online roulette game or a land-based roulette, the goal is the same. You wager on a particular outcome on the roulette wheel and place your wager at the right place on the table.

Then, the dealer spins the wheel, and award you with a payout if you have wagered correctly, with the amount being based on the type of bet you made.

Roulette is a non-competitive game and is entirely based on luck. There is no strategy that you can follow to affect the outcome of a roulette wheel, but there are things you can do when online roulette gambling to boost your long-term chances of success. 

Know your odds

When you play roulette online, knowing your odds is essential. First off, it is worth discussing the house edge. This is the advantage that the dealer has over the player in every spin of the wheel, due to how the wheel is structured. In American roulette, the house edge is around 5.26%.

This is because of the two green ‘zero’ pockets on the wheel, which confer the house edge. Meanwhile, in European and French roulette, the house edge is around 2.7%, because there is only one ‘zero’ pocket on the wheel. 

Your odds per bet depend on the specific type of wager you wish to make, which we will break down in more detail below. 

Place your bets 

So, you have created your casino account and you are ready to play roulette online, perhaps even opting for the more immersive experience of online live roulette. If so, your first step is to make your wager and put your chips on the table. There are several categories of wagers, each with different odds, that you need to know about: 

  • Straight Up: a wager on a single number, such as 33 black, has odds of 37 to 1. 
  • Outside Bets: bets such as all red or all black, or odds or evens, have odds of 1 to 1. 
  • Split: bets on two adjacent numbers on the roulette table (i.e. 8 and 9) have odds of 17 to 1. 
  • Street: bets on three consecutive numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3) have odds of 11 to 1. 
  • Corner: bets on the four numbers that meet at a single corner on the roulette table (i.e. 10, 11, 13, 14) have odds of 8 to 1. 
  • Trio: wagers on three numbers that must include at least one ‘zero’ pocket (i.e. ’00’, 1, 2) have payouts of 8 to 1. 

The Main Types of Roulette You Can Play

Roulette is a prestigious game with a long history, and this is reflected in the range of variations out there for you to play. When online roulette gambling, these are your main options: 

American Roulette

This is the classic roulette variant you will find in any Las Vegas casino. The main thing to know is that American roulette wheels have two zero pockets – 0 and 00 – while other roulette variants just have one. This essentially doubles the house edge.

European Roulette

European roulette is the older, classic roulette variant that you will find in the casinos of Monte Carlo and on virtually every site offering an online roulette game. As mentioned, European roulette only has one ‘zero’ pocket, which translates to a lower house edge. 

French Roulette 

The French roulette wheel is identical to the European roulette wheel, but there is an important difference. Typically, French roulette will offer some additional betting options, most notably the en prison rule, which allows you to win back your stake on a lost bet, if the ball lands on the zero pocket. 

Important Strategies When Playing Online Roulette Real Money

While popular roulette strategies – some of which have been in use for decades – will not increase your chances of winning, they are a fun way to structure your bets that might even yield results, if you’re lucky. The most prominent roulette strategies in the world right now include: 

Martingale Strategy

With this iconic roulette online strategy, you double your bet after every loss, or half it after every win. The idea here is that you will eventually win after a losing streak and will make back your losses if you have continuously doubled your stake after each subsequent loss. 

Fibonacci Strategy

Fibonacci is a more complicated but less risky strategy that is used exclusively for even money bets, such as red or black. With this, you raise and lower your stakes according to a pre-set number sequence, with the logic being that you will recoup your losses eventually (although reality doesn’t really bear this out). 

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy is an online roulette classic, one that is similar to Martingale. However, instead of doubling your wager after each loss, you raise it by one “unit” (such as $1), to reduce the risks. 

Five Essential Tips for Online Roulette Gambling 

While these strategies are fun, they will not affect your odds of success when you play roulette online. However, if you follow these five essential tips for online roulette gambling, you will get more bang for your bankroll and avoid making costly mistakes at the table. 

1. Bankroll Management

This one is essential. Bankroll management is your strategy for keeping your wagers under control and never getting caught off guard. You should always set strict daily betting limits and never bet what you aren’t happy to lose. This will keep you in control of your game.

2. Don’t Get Emotional

In a similar vein, it is important to keep your emotions out of a game like roulette online. When you get upset or distracted, you end up making mistakes. Always keep a cool head and take a breather if you find yourself getting too emotional at the roulette table. 

3. Use Free Bets When Possible

Did you know you can play roulette for real money without spending a penny? Simply keep an eye out for the top roulette casino bonuses out there to get free bets that you can wager at your leisure. 

4. Always Practice Beforehand

Likewise, you can also play roulette online at many casinos in free-to-play mode, where you can use dummy money instead of the real deal. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the wheel and the wagers on offer and ensure that you are prepared when it’s time to play for real cash. 

5. Know Your Rulebook

They say knowledge is power, and this could not be more applicable than when playing roulette. Learn your roulette rulebook inside and out to ensure that you are prepared for anything that the dealer and the wheel might throw at you. 

Play Roulette at a Trusted Online Casino in 2022 

If you’re ready to play roulette online, use a trusted, secure casino to do so. We only recommend online casinos with excellent, verified roulette games and secure payment methods.


Do I need to install software to play roulette online?

No. At the top casinos in America, you can simply log into your account and instantly choose from dozens of award-winning online roulette games, no downloads are needed.

Is online roulette legal?

Online roulette is legal as long as you are over the age of 21 and physically present in a state that allows for online gambling, such as Nevada or New Jersey. Always check that your state of residence permits real money online gaming before you play.

Is online roulette fair?

Yes. At a trusted casino, all online roulette is powered by random number generator (RNG) technology that guarantees safe, random, and realistic gaming.

Can I play online roulette on mobile?

Yes! At our top casino picks, you can enjoy the full range of roulette and even online live roulette games, all from your smartphone. 

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