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An Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment is a form of electronic money transfer between US banks. Here’s the lowdown on this widely accepted payment method.

Why We Recommend ACH Casinos

The main draw concerning ACH deposits is reliability. If you have a US bank or credit union account, you are almost certainly eligible to transfer money using an Automated Clearing House. You can deposit funds directly with a routing number, too. Also, the low costs for businesses mean that ACH casinos are available across the industry.

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Is an ACH Online Casino Trustworthy?

ACH online casinos are reliable because the payment method is regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Thanks to NACHA rules, banks can process transactions immediately. Plus, there are several fallback options if a payment processor fails, including:

  • Direct deposits
  • Person-to-person
  • Business-to-business

How Secure Are Online Casinos That Accept VIP Preferred?

ACH payments are generally some of the safest ways to move money. Firstly, you can’t set up a transaction without providing your bank information. You must verify the details, too. Secondly, ACH deposits aren’t irrevocable like wire transfers. If you act within 60 days, you’re protected by law and will receive your money back. Lastly, unlike physical checks, electronic checks don’t get lost or stolen in the mail, leaving you vulnerable to fraudulent behavior. As a reference, NACHA’s statistics report that 0.08% of ACH transactions are unauthorized.

Are There Any Disadvantages When Using ACH?

No payment method is infallible. It’s about finding the most suitable online casino transaction for you to swerve the obstacles. With that in mind, here are a few you might run into with ACH casino deposits and withdrawals.

It’s Not Instant

Casinos that accept ACH payments can’t guarantee the money will instantly arrive in your account. Unfortunately, the process can take up to five working days before the funds are cleared, which means you could have to wait a while before playing your favorite casino offerings.

Must Spot Mistakes Early

60 days isn’t a long time to spot a mistake and flag it with the casino or your bank. If you don’t check your finances regularly, two months can go by in a flash. In this scenario, there’s little recourse to claim your money back.

Limited to the US

ACH payments are only used in the US. Banks outside of the US won’t use them, which means online casino operators without a US presence can’t provide the service. Considering the biggest brands are European, this might be an issue.

The Best Casinos That Accept Online Casino ACH Deposits

Online Casino Bonuses on Offer
888 Casino 120% up to $500
Harrah’s Casino 100% up to $300
DraftKings 100% up to $2,000
SugarHouse Casino 100% up to $250
Borgata 100% up to $1,000 & $20 Free

Withdrawals & Deposits at ACH Casinos

ACH deposits are also known as e-checks. With e-check transactions, VIP Preferred is the main provider as the operator serves 500+ online casinos in North America. Therefore, withdrawals and deposits are relatively straightforward if you use a VIP Preferred casino card.

Deposit Time Usually within hours
Withdrawal Time Up to five working days
Maximum Deposit Depends on checking account
Minimum Deposit $10
Maximum Withdrawal Depends on checking account
Minimum Withdrawal $10

How to Deposit Money at ACH Casinos

Online ACH deposits are simple ways to place stakes at online casinos. Follow these steps to do it quickly and effectively:

  • Click on Cashier
  • Select Deposit
  • Choose ACH from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your amount and press Deposit
  • Select your bank and input your User ID and Password

How to Withdraw Money at ACH Casinos

Withdrawing money via ACH is very similar:

  • Go to Cashier
  • Tap on Withdraw
  • Select ACH
  • Enter the amount
  • Submit the request

Are There Any Fees with ACH Deposits?

ACH casino fees are usually non-existent because the operator doesn’t include charges. However, your bank might. So, watch out for expenses on your bank’s side. For example, sending money between accounts at different banks can cost $3. Of course, the amount is tiny compared to wire transfers and card payment fees.

Information You Need to Know About ACH Payments

Date of 1st ACH in the US 1972
Type of transactions ACH Debit & ACH Credit
Number of ACH systems worldwide Around 100
Number of transactions 26.8 billion
Designed for Batches of low-value payments

Is an ACH Deposit Better than an E-Wallet?

An estimated 150 million Americans have used an e-wallet at some point, making it a very popular form of online casino payment. Which is better? Well, although the likes of PayPal are very secure and rapid, you might incur significant charges when using these services. The same doesn’t apply to ACH online casino deposits and withdrawals as the fees are much lower if there are any. E-wallets are widely accepted, but so are ACH payments since ACH casinos can process bulk transactions at low prices. The main sticking point with ACH is the length of time you must wait for your money to arrive in your account, which can make payment methods such as Skrill look attractive.

The Pros & Cons of ACH Online Casinos

Pros Cons
Only need a US bank account Processors can be shut down
Don’t have to register third party Max waiting time of seven days
Regulated by NACHA Only 60 days protection for payments
Transactions rarely unauthorized Not accepted everywhere

ACH Casino FAQs

Q: Can anyone use ACH payments?

A: In the US, anyone can use ACH if they have a US bank account or a credit union account.

Q: Why is it called an E-Check?

A: It’s sometimes known as an e-check because you need to sign to validate the payment. Of course, everything is done digitally.

Q: What is VIP preferred?

A: VIP Preferred is the number one e-check operator within the online gambling industry. The service is accepted at over 500 casinos in the US and Canada and has a loyalty scheme.

Q: Is ACH secure?

A: Yes. ACH is overseen by the Federal Bank and regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association. Also, your data is encrypted to make it harder for hackers to steal.

Q: Are there different types of ACH payments?

A: There are several ACH deposit and withdrawal types. To make it easier to understand, they are broken down into ACH Debit and ACH Credit. Debit payments are pulled – taken automatically – whereas Credit payments are pushed – sent by you.