BetMGM will soon offer online gambling in partnership with Carnival Cruise

Trusted Online Casinos » BetMGM will soon offer online gambling in partnership with Carnival Cruise

BetMGM and Carnival Corporation have come together to provide a cutting-edge sports betting experience for cruise ship guests. The partnership will allow BetMGM users the chance of winning big during their trips while enjoying some great seaside fun!

Carnival partnered with BetMGM

Under the agreement, BetMGM will offer their own branded digital and cash based sports betting services as well as online casino products. The BetMGM platform will be rolled out in phases over the coming months, as the company has ambitious plans to distribute their products across 50 ships that visit American ports. These include: Carnival, Holland America and Princess.

Where you will be able to gamble online

This move of Carnival and BetMGM stats that real-money games will only be available while ships are in international waters. While within the waters of the US, the local regulations apply and you may not actually be able to deposit or play any slot machine until your visit continues onto those distant places where it is legal.

As known, some states like Florida do not currently allow iGaming. This means that while the ship is in the port of a state that allows online gambling, there is an opportunity to open an account and make deposits and of course play, but once it moves into the territory of illegal countries, it will limit what can be done with your money!

Of course, BetMGM’s rules will apply to anyone who wants to open an account and gamble, so the minimum age requirement in BetMGM’s online casino must also exceed age 21 with other qualifications required as well before you can start playing on their sites.

About BetMGM

BetMGM is a market-leading sports betting and gaming entertainment company, pioneering the online game industry, and always looking for new ways to engage and educate their players. One of the most important responsibilities they have as an industry leaders, is responsibly educating those who play games, so they can enjoy them without harmful consequences or side-effects from excessive gambling practices.

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