Experts Believe that NY Online Casinos Could Launch Soon

Trusted Online Casinos » Experts Believe that NY Online Casinos Could Launch Soon

It seems that every day, a new state is moving closer to legalizing online casinos. The latest state to make headlines in this regard is New York, where panelists at the East Coast Gaming Congress believe that online casino gaming could launch in the near future.

This would make the Empire State the seventh state in the US to legalize online casinos, joining New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. This would be great news for gambling enthusiasts in the state, as it would provide them with a variety of options when it comes to enjoying casino games from the comfort of their own homes. If you’re interested in gambling online, keep an eye on New York!

Are NY Online Casinos a Threat or a Friend?

The development of online gambling in recent years has led to a debate about its impact on land-based casinos. Some believe that online casinos are a threat to the traditional model, while others see them as an opportunity to reach new audiences. 

This is one of the main concerns in states which introduced online casinos like New Jersey. However, several legislators and casino operators themselves are leaning toward online casinos being a support to traditional casinos. Just like the Vice President of Delaware North Luisa Woods, who explained that mobile-based casinos are not after the competition.

“My first job was selling the company that I am not here to compete with your business; I’m here to help it grow. We integrated the brand, we created loyalty accounts for every single remote customer.”

“We had people who would show up at the property for the first time and have a host already assigned to them,” she added

Moreover, Bill Pascrell III of Princeton Public Affairs states that NY online casinos would be a great support to the sports betting industry as “existing sports betting operators in New York are dying on a vine” due to the high tax rate imposed by the state. However, this does not change the fact that NY online sports betting is one of the most successful markets in the industry.

Expect More Developments

Evolution Commercial director of North American operations, Jeffrey Millar said that “plenty of room for growth” in the US online casino industry.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director, David Rebuck supported this as he said:

“The growth in this industry is still in its infancy stages in the U.S.”

Panelist in ECGC also believes that Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa may launch their own online gambling market soon.

While it is true that online gambling can provide a cheaper and more convenient option for some players, there are also several advantages that land-based casinos offer. For example, land-based casinos provide a more social and interactive experience, with live music and other entertainment options.

They also create jobs and generate taxes that support local communities. Ultimately, whether online or offline, both types of casinos can coexist and offer different experiences for different types of players.

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