Two Pennsylvania Casino Employees Charged with Cheating Scheme

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News of an alleged cheating scheme at the MoheganSun casino in Pennsylvania recently came to light after two individuals were charged by Pennsylvania State Police for allegedly participating in it. At the heart of it, all stands Jason Richard Kutney, 52, and Louis Grasso, 66 – both of whom have been accused of plotting together to cheat an electronic craps game at the casino.

Kutney Allegedly Hitting The Dice Button Early

Law enforcement authorities have accused Kutney of a scandalous act when it comes to the game of craps. As revealed in charging documents, it is alleged that Kutney repeatedly hit the dice button early, thus rolling the dice prematurely and allowing craps players at his electronic table to place their bets after seeing what numbers had come up.

This suspicious behavior resulted in The Pennsylvania State Police’s Bureau of Gaming Enforcement launching an investigation, with surveillance video catching the individual’s activity at least nine times. It is rumored that bettors were typically given 20 seconds before their bets were locked in, even though Kutney had already seen what combinations had appeared. His actions created an unfair advantage for certain guests, for whom winning may have seemed almost too easy.

Kutney Has Been Arrested And Charged With Three Felony Charges

Kutney is in a serious legal situation, with three felony charges for receiving stolen property, theft by unlawful taking, and conspiring to defraud a casino hanging alarmingly over his head. Facing potential time in prison and hefty financial fines as punishment if found guilty, Kutney failed to pay the required 10% of his $25,000 bail set out by Magisterial District Judge Joseph Halesey.

The date of his preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 17 at Luzerne County Central Court, leaving no room for delays. Furthermore, police suspect that Jesse Grasso was also involved in these wrongdoings with Kutney, although court records show no mention of such an accusation against Grasso yet. It remains to be seen what ruling the upcoming hearing has in store for Kutney’s fate.

As per the affidavit of the police, Kutney confessed to assisting Grasso when he was in a very tough state. In response, instead of talking with the law enforcement officers, Grasso asked for an attorney’s consultation.

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