Jason Robins is urging lawmakers to pass laws regulating iGaming

Trusted Online Casinos » Jason Robins is urging lawmakers to pass laws regulating iGaming

The sports betting business in the US has grown quickly, but perhaps the biggest players want to see big changes and growth. According to several resources, Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings, has been a strong supporter of more iGaming laws.

US Need Further IGaming Laws

IGaming has always been the most important way for US gambling companies to make money. No one can argue with this fact. Friday, the co-founder of DraftKings talked to the National Council of Legislators from the Gaming States. He said that more work needs to be done to make online casinos as interactive as sports betting.

He gave an example of how California is using the ballot box to make a big change, which others could follow as an example. He was happy that California’s tribes put an initiative on the November ballot to give 85% of tax money to mental health and homelessness. The Executive also states:

“We are incredibly excited at the prospect of responsibly bringing online sports betting to the state while protecting minors and other vulnerable populations and providing much-needed funding for critical issues like homelessness and mental health. It is creative solutions to societal problems like the proposal as mentioned above that make me most excited for the possibilities for the gaming industry’s future.”

The executive went on to explain why iGaming is such a good way for the industry to move forward. Robins uses New Jersey as an example of a state that already has this policy in place and is doing well with it. The Garden State had interactive casinos long before it was legal to bet on sports in the United States was legal.

Great Examples To Rely On Technology

Since then, others have done the same, and Michigan and Pennsylvania took the chance to add iGaming and interactive betting opportunities. He fought hard for iGaming rules, saying that players are going elsewhere, usually offshore.

This is because the American Gaming Association and other businesses asked the Department of Justice and the Attorney General’s Office to do more to protect consumers from the bad effects of illegal gambling and to keep the industry in check.

Robinson said in his speech on Friday that one way to move forward is to let go of old fears and see how the regulated gambling industry can change things for the better. “The negative feelings and fears about online gaming seem to be based on old and wrong ideas about how the technology works,” said Robins.

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